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About Alexa Rank Checker

The Alexa Rank Checker at Complete SEO Tools lets you check how popular your website is. Here you can find the Global Rank, Popularity at, Regional Rank and Backlinks of a website. Our Alexa Rank Checker tool is easy to use and lets you find multiple details just through a smartphone or computer with an active web connection. Alexa Site Info is specially designed to help you make yourself aware where you stand in the era of extreme competition.

Alexa Global Rank Tool is handy for webmasters as they can prepare a report that is to be delivered to the client. However, website administrators can also benefit from the free site info tool, as it makes them aware of where they stand.

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa Inc. a subsidiary of offers free web toolbar which is being used by millions worldwide.  Alexa Ranking is primarily the audit of frequent visit on your website. It is calculated with the help of the page views and reach. Alexa can easily make out the popularity of websites and its competitors.

Alexa rank is helping users know the ranking of their website and its competitors. Moreover, one can check how many people have viewed their website/blog. The Traffic Ranking of Alexa is a result of the data collected from its tool bars. This shows the data collected on a 3 month period.

How to Use the Complete SEO Tools Alexa Ranking

Using the Alexa Rank Checker at Complete SEO Tools has been easier than ever. You just need to visit the rank checker page then fetch the URL of the website in the search section that is displayed at the center of the webpage.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button and a report will be displayed which shows the global rank, popularity, regional rank and backlinks. Below you will also find a traffic rank graph and search engine traffic graph.

If you are wishing to try a new URL you can simply tap on the ‘Try new URL’ button below and you are ready to go.

Is Alexa Ranking Authentic?

The reports provided by Alexa ranking is solely based on the toolbar users of Alexa. So, the authenticity varies as per the number of users of the Alexa toolbar. Alexa does not display the number and origin of toolbar users, so it is quite difficult to track the reliability of Alexa. But no need to worry, Alexa is quite trustworthy, the ranking provided are good in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Reasons to use this Alexa Rank Checker?

This 100% Free Alexa Rank Checker offers you the complete information of your website ranking showing the number of page views and other such details that are handy in the SEO process. Whether you are a SEO professional or website owner the Alexa Rank Checker at Complete SEO Tools would be beneficial for you.

One can even make a comparison between two websites using the reports provided here. We do not charge anything for usage of the rank checker, you can access it anywhere and anytime. Now you can track the performance of your web portal from the comfort of your home or even on the go. You can even enhance your website viewing the faults mentioned in the Alexa Ranking report.

Why is this Alexa Rank Checker Tool the best in its Category?

The Alexa Rank Checker tool of Complete SEO Tools is developed for the comfort and ease of the users. Here you can find exact results that can be understood by any person. So, there is no need to be a webmaster expert of SEO guy to measure the popularity of a website.

The URLs submitted here are carefully analyzed in order to provide a flawless report. The graphs displayed at the end of the report help you to understand the results better. You can simply check a URL and start a new search just at a click.