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Use this 100% Free Best Online Backlink Checker Tool from Complete SEO Tools and be aware of how many backlinks you have generated. Backlinks are an essential part of search engine optimization and so you need to know how many backlinks have been created for your website. The google backlink checker available here offers you the complete insight into the backlinks of your website.

What is a Backlink Checker?

A backlink checker tool is also known as backlink quality checker. This enables the user the find the complete details of the backlinks a website or blog has. Once you fetch the URL in the search section of the free backlink checker you will find the total number of backlinks, the title and URL of a referring page and more related information.

Backlinks are real assets of a website, so as an administrator you need to know how many backlinks you have been able to generate so far. When you use the Complete SEO Tools backlink checker you will find the total number of backlinks for free. To begin the backlink check test you do not require much expertise. Simply fetch the URL and you are ready to go!

How to use the Free Backlink Tool?

The backlink checker tool available at Complete SEO Tools is extremely user-friendly and allows the users to access the too via any computer or mobile friendly browser.

To get started you need to open the backlink quality checker then provide the URL of the website you need to check backlinks and click the button labeled ‘Submit’. Hold for a second and you will receive the output.

Role of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are the heart and soul of every SEO strategy. If you want to run a successful search engine optimization campaign then you must give equal weightage to backlink generation. Creating inbound links helps, but search engines value quality links. To get a higher search engine ranking focus on generating backlinks from high PR and good quality websites.

As per the latest algorithm of Google it is important to have natural backlinks rather than generating backlinks from spam activities such as purchasing from link farm and other such sources. Now Google can easily detect spam backlinks, so it is important to create natural backlinks rather than obtaining from low page ranking sites or through spam. It is better that you generate 2 natural backlinks instead of 10 spam backlinks. You can now keep a track of your backlinks using the Complete SEO Tools backlink checker.

Are Backlinks Important for SEO?

The credibility of your website depends upon the number of backlinks it has. Once you are linked to an authority page or high PR site you would receive more traffic. Backlinks are of course an essential for SEO but there are certain parameters. Google can penalize you if you generate backlinks from spam websites or through unfair methods such violate Google’s guidelines.

SEO is all about getting links for high PR and authority sites. Once you are linked to them you will receive too much traffic which means more sales and profit. Inbound links are important as these bring the visitors to your webpage through your own URL submitted on another website. Using the Complete SEO Tools one can check the quality and quantity of backlinks on a website.

The backlink checker at Complete SEO Tools is developed for all website administrators, SEO professionals and webmasters so that they can be aware of the backlinks on their website. Also check YouTube backlinks and make your SEO campaign a success.

How to increase the Credibility of your Backlink Profile?

In order to make your backlinks more credible you need to make sure that your backlinks are high quality and created through a natural process. The content on your website should be unique and informative to engage the user.

Recover Lost Links- Some page that contain inbound links may have a 404 error. Use a 301 redirect which helps your visitors to direct to the right page. You can even try building relations with some trustworthy influencers.

Frequency of Building a Link Audit

You must run a backlink audit or check rather than just checking the number of backlinks. This helps you identify places where link building can be most effective, these may include the comment section of a blog, guest posts or social bookmarking.