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About Broken Links Finder

Find 100% Free Best online Broken Links Finder Tool and identify the broken links on your website. The Google broken link checker tool lets you know the number of dead hyperlinks and makes it easy for webmasters to detect such problems and troubleshoot them.

The website link checker lets you know whether your hyperlinks are dead or functional. Broken links can be a hindrance to your SEO efforts and may lead to a loss of website visitors. Using a website link checker tool saves you from undergoing the hassle of searching for broken links manually. Here, you just need to fetch your website URL and you are ready to go.

What is a Broken Link?

This is one of the most common questions that comes to mind when you hear of a 404 checker tool. Broken links also known as dead links are caused due to the malfunctioning of a particular webpage. These are a serious menace to your website as they not only annoy the visitor but also cause them to leave your page forever.

So, if you wish that your site gets a never ending traffic, it is important to remove all the broken links on your website. You can do this by creating a custom 404 page or manually delete those links that are dead.

What is a Broken Link Finder?

The broken link checker is a free online tool that lets the users check the dead links on their website just at a few clicks. It runs through all the webpages of your website and crawls all the URLs. Once the tool has completed the scanning process, you will find the list of non-working URL’s.

At Complete SEO Tools one can find the best broken link checker that can be accessed through any web enabled device. You just need to open the broken links finder page through a computer or mobile supported browser and provide the URL to get started. Moreover, the tool is 100% free to use and can be operated anytime and anywhere. We have developed the broken link finder in order to help webmasters and developers get more results out of a minimal effort. Open the tool and enjoy searching for dead links with an extremely user-friendly interface.

How to use the Broken Links Finder?

Using the website link checker has been easier than ever. You just need to navigate to the homepage of Complete SEO Tools and select the ‘Broken Links Finder’ button or you can even directly visit the links checker page.

Once you are on the broken links finder page, provide the URL of the website or blog in the search section found at the center. Click on the ‘Submit’ button and you will instantly find a report that packs the status code and status for every link your website contains. Scroll down to read the report and take the necessary action as required.

Why are Broken Links a Hazard for your website?

As discussed earlier, dead links can hamper the reputation and traffic of your website. If your website has broken links the visitors would tend to bounce back from the page that shows a 404 error and it may be that they never return again.

Now you need to be aware of what causes a broken link? Broken links may be caused due to lack of attention of the website administrator as if you are not updating your website regularly or remove a webpage without completely deleting it, forms a 404 error. Whatever, the reason may be these dead links can be a serious threat to your website.

As a webmaster or administrator you may not be aware of the number of broken links on your website. This is the same with visitors, they may consider a 404 error as a result of faulty internet connection or a browser crash. Therefore they would simply close the tab and open some other website, thus resulting in a loss of your website traffic.

With the advent of blog comments and reviews on social media annoyed users can leave a negative comment which may be unhealthy for the reputation of your website. You can easily avoid such situation by keeping a regular check for broken links using the free tool here.