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About Domain Age Checker

The Domain Age Checker Tool here lets you check domain age and expiry. It is a quite common theory that the age of the domain plays a significant role in the ranking of a website. Webmasters these days use the Domain expiry check or the Domain Age Check in order to know when it was purchased.

How to use the Domain Age Checker?

Using the domain expiry date checker of Complete SEO Tools is very easy. You just need to visit the age checker page and enter a URL in the search section found at the center of the screen.

Now you must click on the ‘Submit’ button labeled ‘Get Domain Age’. Now a report will be displayed that includes the following:

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

You can click on the ‘Try New Domain’ button below if you wish to check another domain using our tool.

Does Domain Age Matter in Ranking?

This is one of the most frequent searches on the web. Domain Age undoubtedly helps towards getting the website a better search engine ranking. Search Engines exactly do not value a website or blog considering the age of its domain. In most of the cases an older domain has more backlinks and reputation built.

In such cases an aged domain is the winner! Read on to find why domain ageing is important.

More Backlinks

If your website is too old it is quite normal that you have the SEO work done for it. This procedure might bring you more number of backlinks and sometimes from authority websites. Google values websites having more number of natural backlinks from high page ranking websites.


An aged domain is more likely to have a good amount of traffic as the domain has some reputation and backlinks. Now getting more traffic is more monetization thus making you happier. You just need to maintain the traffic with some moderate SEO efforts.

Built Reputation

If a domain is aged there are more chances that it has developed a reputation among the users. So, with an older domain you will receive more amount of returning visitors. In case of a new domain, you need to start from the scratch. If you are planning to buy a domain, you are lucky enough to find a domain which has a pre-established reputation and created a brand.

Search Engine Ranking  

Generally aged domains have a better ranking in search engines, as it already goes search engine optimization procedures. So, buying an aged domain saves your SEO efforts and lets you get going just within a small spam of time.

Drawbacks of buying a Aged Domain

Black Head SEO

Sometimes the pre-owners of the website apply black head SEO techniques to rank the website better and drive more traffic. This provides high traffic for some time but eventually is penalized by Google. If the domain you are buying has under unfair SEO methods then buying it can be a risk.

False Reputation

Posting content that spreads wrong information or doing spam activities might spoil the reputation of a domain. Before obtaining an aged domain ensure that it has a good reputation.

Why This Domain Age Checker?

There are numerous of domain age checkers on the internet, then why Complete SEO Tools Domain Age and Expiry Checker? This may be your question, so we are here to resolve all such queries.

Here you can find a 100% Free Domain Age Checker that can be accessed via any web enabled device anytime and anywhere. Moreover, using the tool is easier than ever. The user is just required to fetch the URL of the domain in the search section and get an instant report that includes all major details of the domain.