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About Domain Authority Checker

The 100% Free Best Online Domain Authority Checker Tool lets the users check how well a website can perform in search engines. Simply checking a blog’s traffic and Whois data is not enough to get the complete information of how effectively the website works in Google.

What is Domain Authority?

There are millions of websites on the internet, some are authority websites while the others are still stepping towards success. Before searching for a sensible topic we need to check whether the website is reliable and how well is it doing. The bulk domain authority checker is a statistical measurement tool that lets you know the authority status of a website. The tool checks the performance of the URL in Google and the complete ranking status of the domain and sub domains.

How to use the Domain Authority Checker?

Complete SEO Tools has developed the Bulk Domain Check tool that enables the users to get the status of a URL instantly. To use the authority checker tool simply open the page through any computer or mobile supported browser then provide the URL in the search section at the middle of the webpage.

Click ‘Submit’ and you will the authority status of the URL. The user can enter multiple URL’s at a time and get results. You can even compare the domains using the report displayed by the domain authority checker tool.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

A Good Domain Authority Score is provided by the search engines as per the ability to rank. Search Engines predict how well a website is ranking on the search result pages. The higher a URL ranks the better its domain authority score is.

The authority score is calculated on a statistical score of 0-100. If your score is low you can easily grow it at the initial stage. However, growing the score from 70-80 is more challenging that driving the score from 30-40.

How to Increase the Domain Authority?

This is one of the trending searches on the internet. If you are a webmaster then this is a very crucial question for you. We are here to let to know how to enhance the domain authority of a website. If you scroll up to find what is a domain authority, you will find that it is the result of the performance of the website in search engines.

Therefore, to increase the domain authority you need to increase your on page SEO efforts as these are the ones that can help boost the page ranking and domain authority. Spread brand awareness through social media and post user-targeted and engaging content frequently.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

To get the most out of your efforts it is important to know the basic difference between the page and domain authority. Page authority deals with the score for your webpage while a domain authority is a larger concept that considers all the factors related to a domain. Page authority is measured for the ranking of a single webpage whereas, the domain authority is the score of the entire domain or subdomains.

Trust Flow vs. Domain Authority

Trust flow is can be explained as the flow of traffic from a link. It measures the quality of external links to the website. Trust flow is the trustworthiness of a particular website based on its links. This is determined by the amount of traffic entering into your website through external links. Trust flow metric is usually used with Citation flow. A website having both these elements in a good amount is considered to be a high quality website.

Whereas, Domain Authority is the score provided to a website considering its overall performance. However, trust flow and domain authority both are important factors behind the success of a blog or website. Trust flow brings traffic into your website and domain authority helps your website rank on the first page of Google search.

Why this Domain Authority Checker?

Complete SEO Tools offers the users an easy to use interface that can be accessed through any internet connected device. Once you are aware of all the factors related to the Domain Authority you just need a reliable tool to check it. Here you can find a trustworthy portal that lets you check multiple domains without any subscription.