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About Google Index Checker

The 100% Free Best Online Google Index Checker Tool lets you check the status of Google index of a website. Google Index Checker by Complete SEO Tools is handy for webmasters, SEO professionals, and website administrators as they can check whether the webpage is indexed in Google.

What is Google Indexing?

Google Indexing is wide term, if you are aware of SEO terms then you might be familiar with crawling and indexing. As a book has an index, Google also has its indexing algorithms that bring your webpage to the search results.

Indexing is done when the Google spider crawler visits your website for tracking. Once your webpage is indexed it will appear in the Google search. Indexing can be defined as the procedure of identifying and adding a webpage to the search results.

How to use this Index Checker Tool?

The Google Index Checker Tool of Complete SEO Tools is extremely useful for checking the page index status of your website. To begin using this tool you need to provide the URL of the website in the search section located at the center of the webpage. Click the ‘Submit’ button below to proceed.  

Now, you will find the output that displays the domain name and number of indexed pages. If you are willing to check the number of pages that are being crawled by Google then the Index Checker is the perfect tool that offers you all the desired information. It is important to check the Google index status of your website as it notifies the user if there are any errors, so that you can fix it. Once all your pages are indexed your website will receive more organic traffic.

How to Get your Web Pages Indexed Faster?

You must be familiar with the term ‘Google Indexing’. This is keeping a record of your website by search engines. Faster indexing means more webpages added to your website and thus increasing the organic search.

There are a wide range of ways through which you can submit your website to Google and Bing. However, if you wish to get your new webpage indexed fast within a few hours there are some hacks that need to be followed.

Submit a XML Site Map

An XML Site Map is used submit your website to search engines. It helps Google and Bing to index your website faster by better crawling. The site map makes it easier for the spider crawler of Google to read the complete structure of your website and index it faster.

Share your Post on Social media

Once you write a blog post or add a new page to your website it is important that you share it on social media. You can add a social media share plugin to your website in order to ease the sharing process. This enables the search engines to find your website even faster.

Submit to Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing enable the manual fetch and render feature for webmasters. Although the search engines automatically index your website but it is better to use the fetch and render feature found in the webmaster section.

Why should you use this Google Index Checker?

The Google Index Checker of Complete SEO Tools can be accessed via any internet connected device. We have developed the tool that fits the needs of webmasters, SEO experts, bloggers and website administrators. To use the index checker you do not need any subscription, just open the index check page and check the status of multiple URLs.

Google keeps a track on every website that is live on the internet. So, if you have just started a website or posted a new webpage then it is necessary to check whether the page is indexed by Google.

Indexing is a crucial factor, as it is the only thing that adds pages to your website. The number of webpages that are not index by Google does not come into consideration while counting the size of the website. The more indexed pages on your website will bring more traffic.

Keep using the check Google index my site tool and follow the above mentioned guidelines for the best results.