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About Google Malware Checker

The 100% Free Best Online Google Malware Checker Tool lets you defend your website from being affected by malware. Website Malware Check is the easiest way to find whether a website is safe to visit. Complete SEO Tools offers the check my site for malware tool that helps check if Google has listed your website as suspicious. Malware check is an essential activity that every website administrator must perform to keep their website away from threats.

If you are a webmaster or a website owner you must check that your website is infected by viruses or not. Our tool also helps you secure your website from fraudulent activities like phishing. If your website is prone to phishing then there are threats of stealing consumer data, intellectual property and financial fraud.

Therefore, to keep you safe from such threats the Google Malware Checker of Complete SEO Tools is here. Our google malware removal tool is a cloud-based online software that offers you the complete security threat report.

What is a Google Malware Checker?

Google Malware Checker checks the malicious software that can be a hazard to your website. Malware is referred to Malicious Software that can approach your device in a proxy manner without making you aware of it. Malwares can be of different types namely- viruses, worms, Trojan horses, phishing, rootkits, browser hijackers and ransom ware.

If your computer is lagging while operating then it might be affected by malware. Sometimes your browser may crash or a webpage might not let you go to the other tabs on the browser. In such cases you need to check site for malware.

How to use the website malware check google?

Complete SEO Tools offers an extremely easy to use malware check tool which can be accessed through any internet connected device. To get started you just need to open the Google Malware Check page then provide the URL of the website in the search section found at the center of the webpage.

Now you need to tap the ‘Submit’ button. In the next step Complete SEO Tools will redirect you to the Google Transparency Report page. Here you will find the complete overview, malware and site status of the URL submitted.

What is the need for scanning a website for Malware?

Everyone loves to keep their website secure from hackers and unwanted phishing.  Before you access a website it is important to check for viruses using a malware checker. Because if you access a malware infected website the hackers may access your personal data.

You will find a lot of websites on the internet which are malware affected. Visiting these webpages through your device might hamper your computer or mobile device whichever is used to access the virus infected website.

Do I need to pay for using this Malware Checker?

The website malware check google here is 100% free and therefore needs no subscription. You can access it anytime and anywhere via any device with an active web connection. Once your fetch the URL in the search box of our Google Malware Checker it will display the result. Now you can take the necessary action.

Why this google malware removal tool?

There are a wide range of google malware removal tools that let you check whether the website you are trying to access is free from viruses and phishing. Complete SEO Tools have developed a user-friendly interface using which one can scan a website for malware.

The tool is handy for Website administrators and webmasters as they can check for viruses and take the necessary action to secure their online portal. Use the tool to check whether you website has malicious codes and virus infected files.

Secure your website with Google Malware Checker

Keeping your website and computer device secure means keeping it free from malware. Anti-virus software installed on your device may not always detect a virus infected website and thus can prove unhealthy for your computer. It is recommended that you do not open email attachments from unknown sources. However website owners can regularly check their website through this tool to ensure that their website is safe.