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About Keyword Density Checker

Find 100% Free Best Online Keyword Density Checker Tool here and check the density of keywords in your content. The tool analyzes the ratio of keywords to the total word count on your webpage. So, to get a better search engine ranking you need to have the correct density of keywords.

Complete SEO Tools keyword density percentage provides an instant report to the user. Now you can check whether the density is fair or over optimized to hamper your search engine rankings. Generally a keyword density of 2-3% is considered as beneficial. However, long tail keywords should not exceed the density of 2%.

What is a Keyword Density Checker Tool

To attain a higher position in the search engine rankings and get the most out of your SEO efforts you need to provide a special attention to the density of keywords in your content. A keyword density calculator lets you know the count and percentage of keywords.

If you are still anxious to know more about the keyword analysis tool free then you must provide a URL in the search section on the Keyword Density Tool page of Complete SEO Tools and find out how it works.

How to use the Keyword Density Tool?

Complete SEO Tools has developed an extremely user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed via any computer or mobile with an active internet connectivity. You just need to navigate to the keyword density checker tool page or you can also go to the then click on the ‘Keyword Density Tool’ icon located there.

Once the density checker page opens provide the URL of the webpage you want to check keyword density and tap the ‘Submit’ button. Now a report will be displayed which shows the total number of keywords and the density percentage.

What to do if the Percentage is higher?

Google considers keyword density over 3% as unfair and it may also hamper your page rankings. If the Online Keyword Density Checker Tool result shows the density more than required you may fix the error by deleting some keywords. Once you have removed the extra keywords, run a test once again to check whether the issue is totally fixed.

Why it is important to have a Good Keyword Density?

With the increase in web spam search engines have made their algorithms too harsh. There are certain limitations on stuffing your content with keywords. Earlier, webmasters and bloggers used to target too much keywords to get more weightage. This technique won’t help now, as to get a good ranking and make your website search engine friendly you need to have an optimal density of keywords.

Advantages of using this Ideal Keyword Density Check

Your competitors must be too conscious while targeting keywords and ranking their content. In such scenario you need be ahead of your competitors. The Complete SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker lets you identify your mistakes, so that you can fix them.

Unlike other tools the density check too here is complete free to use and can be accessed via any device anytime and anywhere. Fetch in a URL and you will find the result within a few seconds. Now one can easily check the density of keywords and take the required action.

All you SEO efforts would be a waste if you do not focus on targeting the right density of keywords on your website. So, if you are a webmaster, content writer or SEO professional use the keywords density checker tool and avoid extreme optimization of keywords.