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About Meta Tag Generator

What is Meta Tag?

One of the most common elements of an SEO is Meta Tags.  However, Meta tags have a big role to play for your site. It is just some words located inside the HTML head area that search engine still follows to have some précised idea of what your website is all about.

Importance of Meta Tags: From the website point of view you can judge it by its cover and here your title tag and description tag is the cover for your web page and to the visitors, these are your first impression. Basically, Title, Description and Keywords are the three most important part of an SEO.

Title Tags: By technical means, the title tag is not a Meta tag. It is just a few words coded in HTML elements that denote the title of a web page. Generally, search engine shows the first 50-60 fonts of a title tag. Every search engine needs a title tag to understand what are there on your webpage.

Description: A Meta description page in nothing just an overview of the content that you are offering to your viewers. The main purpose of Meta description to produce clickthroughs from search engines. Meta descriptions are not directly related to web page ranking but by using CTR (Click Through Rate) search engines came to a conclusion that whatever you are offering to your visitors is good on its own. Basically, a Meta description should be 140-160 characters in length.

Keywords: Unlike the every Meta elements the Meta keywords are also invisible to the visitors but visible to the search engine. A Meta keyword is such a word that denotes the purpose of your page to the visitors. From an SEO point of view, you can ignore the Meta keywords tags as they do not have any bigger role to play however, they are very useful in WordPress.

Why We?

There are so many Meta tag generator tools are available on the internet but we are offering you a free Meta tag generator tool having a completely different interface and user-friendly features. For generating quality Meta tags for your website you can always use our free Online Easy Meta Tag Generator.

How does our Meta Tag Generator Tool work?

You just need to go through the below steps for generating free Meta description tag by using our tool.

  • First, put the title of your website in the given box.
  • Then you need to enter the description of your website in given box. Please remember the description should me within 150 characters.
  • Now enter the keywords you want to use for your website and each keyword should be separated by a comma.
  • You can also control the robot to access the index and links to your website.
  • Then select the content type that you want to display on your website.
  • You can also select the primary language according to your wish.
  • And finally, click on the Generate Meta Tags button to get your job done.

By using our free tool you can create some quality Meta Tags which help the search engines not only in summarizing your content but also in site ranking as well.