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About Page Authority Checker

The 100% Free Best Online Page Authority Checker Tool generates a score that predicts how well your webpage will rank on search engines. The metric ranges from a score of 0-100. Hence, high scores mean the webpage has a greater ability to rank. The calculation is based on a wide range of factors such as domain authority, web index, link counts and trust flow.

What is Page Authority?

Building Authority is a critical concern for a majority of SEO experts and webmasters. The core part of any SEO activity involves the creation of authority. You may have noticed that all SEO and digital marketing campaigns are run with the sole objective of developing page authority.

However, Page Authority is a less complex term. It is based on a logarithmic data that is measured on a scale of zero to hundred. It determines how well your webpage will rank in Google, Bing and other search engines. The MOZ rank shows you a score that measures the authority of a webpage in Google.

How to Increase Page Authority?

Looking for ways to Increase your page authority? Complete SEO Tools has listed some activities that can help you receive more MOZ trust and a higher page authority.

Write More Interactive Content                                                                                                                                    

The most crucial part in authority building is writing interactive content. Once you write a content that is 100% unique, informative and user-friendly the readers will surely love and share it. A good content is important for backlink generation. Sometimes it may fetch you high search engine rank without backlinks and leads.


Meaningful interlinking to and from the page lets the search engines crawl your webpage better and also get to know the niche of your content easily. Use anchor texts in your content that are relevant to the webpage you are linking to. If you are a SEO expert or webmaster then you must be aware of the authority power of anchor texts.

For a strong anchor linking you need to write the content in such a manner that the reader is already aware of why he is clicking on the anchor text.

Get Authority Links

To enhance page authority is it important to ensure whether your page is fully SEO optimized. Linking to authority websites in your niche can give you are better page authority and ranking, as search engines will be able to crawl better.

Getting a backlink from a high PR website of your niche is better than obtaining plenty of backlinks from authority websites of other niche.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

Page authority is a narrow term when compared to a Domain authority. It measures the predictive strength of a single website on a scale of 0-100, whereas Domain Authority is the strength of the entire domain and subdomains. The measurement of Domain authority strength tells how well the website can perform in search engines.

However, the metrics to calculate Page authority and Domain authority work in the same direction. The predictive strength of both the checkers make them apart.  

What is a Good Page Authority Score?

As discussed earlier Page authority is a MOZ developed score that forecasts the ranking strength of a particular webpage. The 0-100 score determines how well the webpage will rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. If the score is above 70 then it is considered as a Good Page Authority Score.

How to use our Bulk Page Authority Checker?

Using the PA checker here is easy, you just need to visit the Bulk Page Authority Checker page through any mobile or computer supported browser and enter up to 20 links. Ensure that each link must be on a separate line and click on ‘Submit’.

Now you will instantly find a report that shows the link and status. To begin checking more links you can tap on the ‘Try New URL’ button found at the bottom of the screen.

Why this Page Authority Checker?

There are a wide range of Page Authority Checkers on the internet. Complete SEO Tools Page Authority Score Checker is completely free to use and can be accessed via any web enabled device. The tool is 100% reliable and offers a genuine report which is worth relying. Just enter a link in the search section and you are ready to go.