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About Page Size Checker

The 100% free best online Website Page Size Checker tool here lets you check the size of a page URL in both Bytes and KB. Sometimes your website page speed is slower than usual, this can be because of a large page size, and so a website total size checker is necessary. In such instance, perhaps working on your page speed is an absolute necessity.

Page Size is composed of the HTML file and the media objects on the page. If you webpage packs a lot of videos, images and other media it is fine till your HTML file is small and coded in order to take less time to load. If you are a webmaster or a developer you can use the google page size checker of Complete SEO Tools and works towards enhancing the loading time of your website.

What is the Page Size Checker?

A website total size checker lets you check the whole website size online. The size of a webpage is a crucial factor in the ranking and user-friendliness of the website. If your website size exceeds 2099KB then you need to put a lot of efforts to reduce the load time of the webpage.

More load time can be hazardous to your online portal, as it can increase your bounce rate and hamper your website’s reputation. When your webpage is too slow users would not always keep patience and wait for the webpage to load. Thus, you will soon find an increase in the bounce rate on the analytic graph.

It is evident that the performance of your website is dependent on the page size. So, if your website is of a larger size you can put effort to reduce the size or work on the HTML files for decreasing the load time. Moreover, it is equally necessary to check whether your web host has a limited space. If your web host has low space you can host your website on a good network.

How to check website size online?

There are a wide range of website size checkers online, but here you can find a completely user-friendly interface for checking the size of multiple webpages. To get started the user is required to go to the page size checker of Complete SEO Tools and enter the URL of a webpage in the white box then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Now you will instantly find a report that includes the page URL, Page Size (Bytes) and Page Size (KB). Once you know the size of your webpage you can take the appropriate action.

Why this Page Size Checker?

The Page Size Checker here lets you check the size of your website without any subscription. Unlike other tools you need to undergo a lot of hassle to find page load time. Here one can find an easy to use online tool that can help you check the size of a page. Generally, if a website is slow it means that your webpages have too much media embedded or the HTML file is not coded in a proper manner.

This page size checker offers the users a report that includes all the essential details handy for boosting your SEO efforts. Besides, our tool is completely free and can be accessed through any internet connected device anytime and anywhere.

How does the Website Size Checker Work?

When, we are discussing about the webpage size checker you need to know how it works. The page size includes the HTML file and the other embedded objects that may include the images, videos and other media on the webpage. The page size checker determines the webpage size using the media on the page and other elements such as content.