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About Page Speed Checker

Use this 100% Free Best online Page Speed Checker Tool to monitor the speed of your webpages. Website administrators and webmasters find the tool efficient as this lets them know the speed of their pages.

As you may be knowing, people these days have no patience to stop before the computer screen and wait for your website to load. Therefore, to enhance the performance of your webpages you need the check page speed tool. Complete SEO Tools has developed the tool so that you can get the accurate time taken by the page to load. Check all the pages on your website and analyze the load time.

You can easily check the page speed using this tool. This does not require any special skills or expertise. The user can simply provide the webpage link and find all analytical data require for website optimization.

What is Site Speed Test?

Page Speed is the time taken by a webpage to load. It is also known as Website Load Time. The tool checks the loading time of the website. It shows the amount of time the user needs to dedicate in order to view all the content of the webpage.

The users usually dislike keeping patience for a specific webpage to open. So, as a webmaster or administrator it is necessary to check the page speed. If your webpage takes too much time to load this would result in the loss of visitors and may also hamper the reputation of your website. The page speed checker can give you insights into the page load time and help you enhance it.

How to use our Page Speed Checker?

To begin using the Page Speed Checker tool you need to open it via any smartphone or computer supported browser. Once the webpage opens fetch the webpage link and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Next, the page speed check tool will display a report that packs the complete information of the page link. The report packs the URL name, time taken to load, CSS links, script links, image links and other resource links.

Why our Page Speed Checker?

The speed of a website is the key factor behind making it go viral. If your pages have a very less loading time, visitors would love to open them frequently for every bit of information they need. We have developed the tool for providing the users with a detailed report than enables them to enhance their webpage speed.

The user interface is easy to use. You do not need to be a subscriber, just open the page speed checker via any internet connected device and you are ready to go. Once can check multiple links through the tool and prepare a report for making your webpages faster.

How can you enhance the Google Page Speed?

Here you can learn how to increase the page speed.

Minimize the HTML, Java Script and HTML

For a faster loading of your webpages, you need to minify your codes. As per the guidelines of Googles it is recommended that you use the YUI compressor. Delete the unwanted spaces and commas in your code and this will surely help your webpages to load sooner.

Compress the Media and Files

For a better performance compress all the media elements on your webpage including the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. It these files are over 150 bytes, it can hinder the performance of your website.

Leverage Browser Catching
Browsers are designed to store tons of information in the form of cache. This enables the returning visitor to view the page in a snap. Because the browser does not have to load the entire page it is displayed to the user even faster than the usual speed.

Optimize Images

Images used on the webpage are an important factor that decide the speed of the page. Ensure that you use the right format of the image and compress it using a Photoshop or an image compressor. It is recommended that you use a JPEG image file as these are best when used as photographs.

Content Distribution Network

This is also termed as content delivery network. Here, you can distribute the load of delivering content among servers. You can get a faster access to your website via the data stored at various geographical locations.