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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Complete SEO Tools offers a 100% Free Best Online Page speed Insights Checker Tool. Here you can check the speed of your website and get a detailed page speed insight. Website speed has a great impact on the performance and user-friendliness of the website.

Everyone desires to get onto a website in a snap, so it is important to reduce the loading time of your webpages and attract more visitors. We have developed the page speed insights WordPress tool that assists webmasters and SEO experts in analyzing the load time of their webpages and enhance it if needed.

What is a Page Speed Test?

A website load test is the analyzed data that shows website speed and performance. It gives you the complete performance overview that packs a wide range of information such as- website load time, performance grade and more.

You can easily use a website speed insight, there is no specialized expertise needed to check the speed of a webpage. Just enter the URL of the website and you will find a detailed report that contains the page speed score, analysis of the page code and webpage optimization suggestions.

Why is it Important to check Website Speed?

No one loves to spend time in front of a computer or mobile device, waiting for a website to load. This sounds something ridiculous! So, to enhance the performance of a webpage and make it more user-friendly it is important to check its loading time using a Google Page Insights Checker.

For an instance you have created a website, worked for plenty of hours on its design, content and visuals. Finally, the website is ready to go live. Now you find the webpages are loading slowly and this makes you feel curious, as the error may be anywhere from the HTML codes to the media used on the pages.

The website speed check tool offers you a complete analysis of the page performance and also provides instructions for page optimization. Thus, it is important for webmasters, SEO professionals and website administrators to keep a regular check on the speed of their website.

How to use this Google Page speed Insights Checker?

Using the Complete SEO Tools website speed check is extremely easy. The user must open the insights checker page through their mobile or computer browser and enter the URL in the white box located at the center of the screen.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button below and a result will be displayed that shows the page speed score that ranges from 0-100 which determines the performance of your webpage. Next, you will find the page code analysis that shows space occupied by JavaScript, Images, CSS, HTML and other. At the bottom of the output section you will find suggestions using which you can enhance the loading time of the webpage.

How to Increase the Page Speed?

Increasing the speed of a website is easy. You first need to figure out what hinders your website’s performance. Use a website page speed check and find out the performance. If you have a good score then it is fine, but if the score is terrible you will find the page suggestions below. Read on to find some useful guidelines that can help you enhance the Google page speed:

Avoid using large Images: Oversized images can make your website slow. When you add images to your blog posts or anywhere else on the website, ensure that they are compressed and have the apt size.

Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS: To decrease the loading time of your website it is necessary that you use tools for minifying the HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes. The tool removes all the extraneous characters such as commas, colons and space in the script.

Compress Images and other Media: You can find a wide range of image and video compression tools on the internet which are handy in compressing large media files. Once you have compressed all the media on your website this would save bytes hence, enhancing the performance of your website.

Use a Leverage Browser Caching Browser: Leveraging your Cache, assists in creating cache for a set of information that is stored in the browser. So, if you are a returning visitor then the page load time would be completely reduced for you. It is highly effective if your website has too much of returning visitors.

Why this Website Speed Test Tool?

Complete SEO Tools Page Insight Checker provides the users with a 100% free online speed checker tool that is totally reliable and helps boost your SEO efforts.

We have developed the tools for the convenience of the user and for helping website administrators and webmaster optimize their webpages and get the most out of their efforts. You can access the website speed check tool via any internet connected device, just provide the URL and get an instant result.