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About Plagiarism Checker

Find a 100% Free Online Plagiarism Checker and detect whether your content is unique. You can also find plagiarism affected sentences in your article and make the necessary changes. Content Writers, Bloggers, SEO professionals and Website Administrators find the Google Plagiarism Checker useful for checking the content of a website, blog posts, and articles.

If you are willing to ensure that your articles are original, then the Plagiarism Checker would be the best tool. With the tool is easier to identify duplicate content. The free online plagiarism checker is effective enough to scan all the phrases and paragraphs and provide you the percentage of unique and well as duplicate content.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the stealing of content from other websites. This is the most common problem of most bloggers and content writers. Usually, you will find content writers copying and pasting text material from other websites, or just spinning the content and publishing on their own website. In more simple terms, plagiarism is the using of the writings of others without giving them the credit.

Content writing and article writing is all about creativity and originality. If your content is unique, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. A Plagiarism checker verifies the originality of the content and produces a report that packs information related to unique strings in your article.

How to use the Plagiarism Checker Tool?

The Free Plagiarism Checker with percentage allows you to check how much unique your article or blog post is. If you are not aware of the working of the tool, then it is important to know that the checker does not scan millions of webpages existing in the internet world. It simply detects bits of identical texts.

To begin using the tool you need to open the Plagiarism Checker page of Complete SEO tools and paste the content in the blank section below. Click on the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button and you will find a report that provides the status of all the strings in the content.

Why this Plagiarism Checker?

The Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker lets the users to check for duplicate content and provides the best reliable results. There are a wide range of Plagiarism checker tools on the web using which you can check for duplicate content. We have developed an extremely user-friendly interface for our users. The tool is easy to use and developed out of too much research.

Students, Content Writers, Bloggers and Teachers rely on this plagiarism checker tool for checking whether the content written or submitted to them is 100% unique. You do not need any subscription to access our tool. Checking for plagiarism through our page is completely free.

Why is it important to check for Plagiarism?

Unique content is the soul of any website or blog, as it is one of the biggest factor behind your search engine ranking, credibility and much more. It does not matter whether you are a content writer or a student a plagiarism checker tools helps you check the originality of your articles. It is handy in Search Engine Optimization as SEO professionals check for duplicate content.

Duplicate content may hinder the performance of your blog. It may bring your online portal to the last pages of Google search. Google might penalize your website for using copied content without giving credit. Therefore to be sure that the content you are posting on your website is 100% original, using the plagiarism checker tool is important.

What to do if your find Plagiarized Content?

If you have assigned work to your subordinate or doing it yourself, you need to deal with duplicate content at the earliest. In case you come across plagiarized work while checking the webpages through the tool you can directly write to the responsible authority.

If the writer or author of has given credits to the borrowing authority then it must not be considered as duplicate content. Especially, in case of images you can use images from third party websites by giving them the credit.   

Keep using the Complete SEO Tools Plagiarism checker and improve your writing scores!