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About Server Status Checker

The 100% Free Server Status Checker of Complete SEO Tools is helpful to all webmasters and web administrators. This tool can used to find the status of a website in order to know whether the website is properly functional and the server is working fine. The bulk http status checker enables the web admin to identify whether the website is online or has gone offline. The tool can also be used to figure out all potential issues with a website. 

When you find that your website server is not working properly, you would immediately get in touch with the service provider. But what if you are not the administrator or the website. In such a situation you need to keep patience and wait for the website to open.

Hosting companies are too much accurate with their service. Sometimes there are some bugs that cause the server to slow down, thus hindering the functionality of the website. If the power goes down or any one of the servers repeatedly goes down the website will fail to open.

There are a wide range of issues that are faced by hosting companies. Search Engines have a very efficient system. Once they are unable to reach your website through a route, they fetch for your website trying a different route. This is why, sometimes it takes much time for Google to open a website. It may also be that your internet is not connected and this may be the reason behind the malfunctioning of the website.

You cannot predict the accurate reason for a website to be offline. Therefore it is best to use a Server Status Checker tool.

What is a Server Status Checker?

The Check URL Status online tool allows the users to know the status of a website for free. You just need to fetch the URL in the blank box below and get a detailed report. The tools aims at offering the online or offline status of a website. With the status checker you can figure out what is causing the website to be down.

How to use the HTTP Status Checker?

Complete SEO Tools has developed a user-friendly online sever status checker tool that enables you to know the server status of a website. Using the tool you can even check multiple URLs at the same time.

Getting started with the use is easy. You just need to open the Server Status Check page via any internet connected computer, laptop or mobile device. Once the webpage is opened just provide the URL in the blank box. You can enter up to 100 URLs and ensure that each URL must be on a separate line.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button to go ahead with the procedure. Now a result will be displayed on the screen that contains the following information- number of URLs, HTTP code, response time and status.

Why this tool to Check Server Status?

Complete SEO Tools has developed a completely reliable and accurate tool that provides you the complete report of the server status of your websites. This may enhance the performance of your website. Webmaster and Administrators often use the tool to check the reliability of the hosting service provider. If your website server goes down frequently, then this would surely lead to loss of visitors.

Hence, to avoid such mishaps it is recommended that you use this Server Status Checker and ensure that your website is online. The best part about this tool is that you can check up to 100 URLs at the same time. Moreover, you do not require to sign up for using the tool. Usage is completely free, just open the Server Status Check page and you are ready to go.

Why is it Necessary to use the Server Status Checker?

You may be wondering thinking ‘why is it so important to use the bulk http status checker?’  For website owners it is essential to know whether their website or blog is online. Especially at the time when the website receives the most visitors.  

If your website is offline, this damages the reputation, trust flow and visitors analytic. Checking the service status allows you to take the required action whenever the status shows ‘Offline’.