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Activate your Univision for Apple TV :

As the main Hispanic media organization in the U.S., Univision Communications Inc. engages, educates, and enables U.S. Hispanics with sports, news, and amusement content across broadcast and satellite TV, sound, and computerized stages. The organization’s first-class media portfolio incorporates the Univision and UniMás broadcast organizations, just as link networks TUDN and Galavisión.

Locally, Univision claims or works 65 TV slots in major U.S. Hispanic business sectors and Puerto Rico. A live occasion arrangement and a vigorously advanced sound impression. The organization’s noticeable advanced resources incorporate Univision.com, real-time feature Univision Now, the biggest Hispanic influencer network and a few top of the line applications.

Activate Univision for Apple TV:

  • To activate the channel open the website univision.com/activate
  • After the page appears at the center provide activation code, select your TV provider.

Activate Univision

  • No click on ‘Continue’ button.

Univision Login:

  • To login open the webpage com/activate
  • Once the page appears at top right click on ‘Log in widget’ button.
  • In the drop down click on Sign in with cable TV provider.
  • You have to choose your provider and proceed with the prompts.

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Univision Customer Help:

If you are looking for more information call on 866-725-4057.

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