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About Word Counter

The 100% Free Best Online Word Counter Tool of Complete SEO Tools offers you the exact information of the character and word count. Word count is an essential for every professional content writer or any other person who loves sharing stuff on social networking sites or a blog. Manually counting the words in your content seems a nightmare! The Word Counter Tool lets you know the word and character count of the text provided.

Some content submissions or descriptions require a specific word count. In such situations the Character Counter of Complete SEO Tools is handy. You can easily check the total number of words and character in your content just at a few clicks.

What is a Word Counter?

Some might not be aware of what is an online word counter? The basic job of a text character counter is to display how many words are there in the text. You can get the word count of any kind of content. It does not matter whether it is an essay, a blog post or an article.

This tool is highly functional when it comes to writing content on areas that have a restriction on word count. Blog or Web content has no parameters in terms of word count, you just need to write a completely unique content which is interactive. Use the Complete SEO Tools Word Count Checker while posting articles or descriptions where there are bounds on word count.

How to Use the Simple Word Counter?

Users can easily access the word count checker of Complete SEO Tools through a web enabled smartphone or computer. Simply open the word counter page and paste the content for which you are willing to check the word count.

Click on the ‘Count Words’ button and wait for the result. Now you will be displayed the total words and total characters.

Why should you use this Word Counter?

There are a wide range of Text Character Counters that count number of words and characters. Complete SEO Tools has developed a user-friendly tool that can be easily accessed by any device and is 100% free. This makes it unique from other sentence counter tools.

So, why to wait! Use the Simple Word Counter tool for free every time you require.

Who can use Complete SEO Tools Word Counter?

The Word Counter Tool provided on our page is free for everyone who loves writing and posting. The text may be in form of an essay, an article or a blog post. However, scroll down to view a more detailed information on for whom is the word counter handy.

Content Writers/Bloggers            

You may be already aware of the benefits of blog posting. Writing content for a blog is an essential for every blogger or content writer. If you are aware of your word and character count you can write a content that is fantastic for SEO. Usually, a content that has a word count of at least 300 words is friendlier towards search engine optimization.

Students and Teachers

Students are often burdened with assignments. It may be a hassle for them to count words in their essay, so they can use the word counter here and do their work with ease. Teachers can definitely use the tools to verify the length of the work submitted by the students.

Other Users

Willing to submit a resume or a personal description somewhere? A word counter would be extremely handy in getting the word and character count. Content written for any professional or personal uses can be measured though the word counter tool.