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About www Redirect Checker

Find 100% Free Best www Redirect Checker Tool and get the complete path of where your dedicated URL goes. The 301 Redirect Checker is extremely useful if you wish to check where the URL is redirected or forwarded to.

A redirect checker or JavaScript redirect to URL is run to check the process of directing one URL to a different URL. The Bulk Redirect check gets too complicated as the process involves a lot of hassle. You need to put special commands in the HTA access files and much more steps. After you have redirected a URL, there come plenty of questions regarding the redirect. Here, you can find an easy solution to all your queries.

What is a Redirect Checker?

There are a lots of SEO tools that are trending on the internet these days. A redirect checker tool checks the path which sends the user from one URL to a different URL. So, if a user originally requests from a URL that is moved permanently or temporarily, he/she will be taken to the redirected URL set by the administrator. Scroll down to have a glance at the type of redirects.

Type of Redirects

301 Moved Permanently

Usually a 301 redirect is implemented when the administrator of a website changes the domain. If you find a 301 redirect on a webpage, this means the ranking power is shifted to the redirected URL. This method of redirection exists when the administrator of a website transfer the authority of a domain to the other for some reason. The 301 redirect means the HTTP status code of the redirect type.

302 Moved Temporarily

Search Engines in a 302 redirect have to check whether it is necessary to keep the old URL or transfer the sole authority to the redirected webpage. A 302 Redirect is a temporary action meant to take the users to a new location.

Why is a Redirect Checker Necessary?

It matters when you are transferring your website to another web location, may be because of changing the domain name or some other temporary issue. In such instances it is necessary to help your visitors find your webpages. Therefore to ensure that a successful redirect has been run a redirect check is an absolute necessity.

People are often mistaken between a 301 and a 302 redirect. If you mean to permanently move the website to another URL then use a 301 redirect. In case you need to redirect the website for a limited period of time the 302 redirect is the perfect choice, as this commands the search engines to keep the old URL indexed.

How to use the 301 Redirect Tool?

Using the www redirect checker of Complete SEO Tools is easy, you just need to navigate to the redirect checker page and provide the URL in the search section found at the center of the screen. Click on the ‘Submit’ button and you will instantly find the redirect status.

Now, if you are willing to check another URL you can simply tap the button tagged ‘Try New URL’ and you are ready to go. Enter another URL in the blank space and find results.

Why this Redirect Checker?

Complete SEO Tools brings you free web analysis that helps you maximize your SEO efforts. The redirect check here can be run through any internet connected device. You just need to open the reverse redirect checker page through any computer or mobile supported browser and begin checking URLs.

Benefits of the Redirect Checker

The Redirect checker is handy in checking whether the URL is correctly redirected to your new domain. Moreover, you can use the 301 redirect checker tool to monitor where an affiliate link is going and to which affiliate network. Surprisingly, the redirect check tool has multiple uses, use this tool and check the health of your website URL and much more.