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About XML Sitemap Generator

Get a 100% free Best Online XML Site Map Generator tool to create a Google Sitemap. XML Sitemap Generator is basic need of SEO. You can easily get the Sitemap of your website or blog using this Free Sitemap Generator without any knowledge of coding and HTML. Once you have created a Sitemap of your website you can enjoy the precedence of the Google Webmaster and Analytic tools.

What is a HTML Sitemap Generator?

HTML Sitemap Generator has eased the procedure of getting your webpages crawled. Through this the visitors can navigate on your website very easily. Anyone can use the tool to select how many pages are to be crawled, choose a priority, and establish a modification time.

The Online Sitemap Generator is a necessity for every online portal as it helps in the quick indexing of your webpages. Once you submit the RSS feed with search engines such as Bing and Google a record is kept so that these come to know that your content has been updated.

How to Create a Sitemap?

Creating a Sitemap is easy you just need to visit XML Sitemap Generator Tool page of Complete SEO Tools and provide the requested details.

Once you open the webpage you will find a section that asks your domain name, modified date, date month and year. Now select a frequency from the drop down menu, choose a default priority and select how many pages are required to crawl. Tap on the ‘Generate sitemap’ button and a sitemap will be generated for your website.

How to Submit a Sitemap to Search Engines

Submitting your website’s Sitemap to Google and Bing is easier now. You just need to follow the simple steps listed below and you are ready to go.

Submit to Google

  • Place the XML Sitemap on your web server and ensure whether it is reachable through its URL.
  • Now you need to provide your Google Webmaster login credentials to go ahead with the procedure.
  • Hit the ‘Crawl’ button and select the option that reads ‘Sitemaps’.
  • Finally the user must select the red button labeled ‘Add/Test Sitemap’. Fetch the URL of the Sitemap in the blank space and tap on ‘Submit’.

Submit to Bing

  • Place the Sitemap on the webserver and ensure that it is reachable via its URL.
  • Log into your Bing Webmaster Tools account and then select the button that reads ‘Configure my Site’.
  • Next, you are required to go to the ‘Sitemaps’ option and provide the complete URL of the XML Sitemap in the text box provided. Press the ‘Submit’ button and the sitemap will be accepted by Bing.

Why is an Online Sitemap Generator Important?

A Website Sitemap Generator makes the identifying process of the search engines less complicated. Every time you add a new post to your website search engines come to crawl, this sometimes involves too much hassle. To make things easier it is recommend that you generate and submit a Sitemap of your website and gain a better ranking.

The working of the sitemap is simple, it just calculates the total number of pages and the indexed pages. If you find that your indexing value has decreased you can take actions as per requirement. Following a fair Search Engine Optimization procedure will help you gain faster indexing and high page rankings.

Users can also offer their image information in the XML Sitemap and get a better response from Google image search. The algorithms of the search engines keep on changing, so it is highly recommended that you get a Sitemap every time to avoid penalty. However, a Sitemap is not totally accurate as it does not ensure that everything mentioned on the map will be indexed.

Where Shall I put the Sitemap Builder?

Once you have received your XML Sitemap using Complete SEO Tools you need to download the xml file and upload it to the root directory on your website. If you have multiple files then you can convert it into Zip files and then upload.

What is the Size for a XML Sitemap?

Before uploading the files to the root directory check whether your file is not more than 10 MB. URLs exceeding 50,000 are not accepted.